Nourish Your Libido
& Make Your Relationship Extraordinary

You love your partner and are proud of the relationship you’ve created. But your lack of interest in sex is threatening the very thing you value the most.

You desire to

awaken your sexual desire &
make your partner feel loved

Without betraying yourself by ignoring your needs and running on empty.

You have found your guide to help you take the most effective steps to connect to your sexual desire to complete the picture of a truly extraordinary relationship.

Feed Your Libido

The 5-Step Blueprint that Turns
Good & Great Relationships into Extraordinary Ones

Feed Your Libido is an online self-learning course for you to come alive sexually & realize the extraordinary potential of your relationship.

For women, having a thriving libido in a long-term relationship hinges on one thing: being able to genuinely enjoy yourself in sex. 

Any other strategies that may have made sense in the past — such as betraying yourself and your needs, caving in, settling for bad or uncomfortable sex, or making sex about your partner — only drive you further away from your own libido and each other.

Feed Your Libido supports you in your choice to understand yourself and connect to your sexual energy and desire so you can:

  • ^Understand your body and sexual desire and be able to listen and pay attention to what you need
  • ^Show up in sex from a full cup and with desire from within
  • ^Engage sexually with your man in a way that builds intimacy and closeness
  • ^Enjoy sex that is pleasurable for you, at your pace, and that honors your body

Learn to nourish your body so that you never have to choose between "checkbox sex” or letting your partner down. And most importantly, learn what you need so that you never have to override your discomfort — which goes against your integrity and costs you self-esteem, confidence and daily joy.

When you join the  Feed Your Libido program,
you take a stand for
your enjoyment of sex — and your partner’s happiness. 

You take a stand for creating an extraordinary relationship for the both of you.

I know this to be true, because I see this in the lives of the hundreds and hundreds of women and couples across the world whom I’ve been able to help.

You can have it too.

Overcome These
Relationship-destructive Patterns

... before you have another heart-crushing argument about sex 

You’re too exhausted to have sex (and it leads to resenting each other)

You are so busy that at the end of the day, having sex is a chore that’s too much to deal with. How can you want it, when you’re so empty? Your intuition tells you to do more to get in the mood. But in reality, you drive yourself further into depletion and resentment with that thinking.

The answer is not to do more. This program will expose the traps that keep you exhausted and offer concrete strategies to have energy for each other. If you don’t want to be that woman who was too exhausted as life and her relationship passed her by, this program is for you.

You can’t shut your mind off to get into it (and your partner knows you’re just bearing it)

Your mind is filled with what needs to be done and what’s not working. No wonder you want to get sex over with, without really caring about whether you enjoy it or not. Sounds like a good strategy to “maintain” the relationship, but in reality, this pushes both of you further apart. It weakens trust and adds stress to your already-overwhelmed self.

This program will teach you to work with your busy mind so that it’s no longer a block to your intimacy. You will have more energy to enjoy yourself on your terms, at the pace that you’re ready for. If you don’t want to be stuck under the tyranny of all of those tiring voices keeping you from getting into it, then this program is for you.

Being a parent squeezed the sexy out of you (and that eliminates any hope for intimacy)

You don’t remember the last time you were romantic with your partner. It’s all parent and business talk, all the time, which makes you die inside every single day. Yet your partner begs you for more attention.

It’s time to resuscitate your life force and put on your oxygen mask first. Make the relationship work for you. The program will help you understand your own responsive sexual desire and the environment that you need to create with your partner to feel sexy again. If you’re no longer willing for sex to be about taking care of your partner and you want it to be also about you, you will find the answers here.

You’re the low libido partner who’s always catching up (and your partner feels like it’s never enough)

Your partner wants more frequent sex, and you’re under pressure to meet his libido. You cave in to keep the peace but you know, deep inside, that you’ll end up resenting him. You already resent sex, even when it’s only once in a while.

The program will help you understand your role in feeding your own libido — and give you techniques that will have you feel like you’re enough as you are. You’ll get the vocabulary to become an engaged partner in your relationship, effortlessly, with no drama. If you don’t want to be left behind, find your own sexual spark and learn to meet your partner on your terms in this program.

Your body no longer feels sexy (so sex is off the table, maybe indefinitely)

Your body has changed, and you don’t feel sexy anymore. You’ve accepted this as the new norm — but that’s causing defensiveness and resentment for the both of you.

It sucks to know that your body is not what it used to be. But know this: your body is still capable of experiencing and feeling pleasure, lots of it. You are an erotic being, whatever your age, even if you don’t feel like it. Your partner sees you for who you are and is still hopeful.

This program will guide you along a step-by-step self-discovery process that will empower you to rediscover what works for you now. If you don’t want to settle for feeling powerless within yourself and perpetuate that ever-growing distance towards your partner, then this program is for you.

You might also be here because …

It used to be different.
But now sex is ‘meh’

(and you can’t seem to get him to change)

You remember when sex was something you wanted. The touch, the excitement, the feeling of coming alive in your partner’s arms — these made you feel so good. But now you have a little secret that’s causing you big frustration. Sex has been a disappointment in your otherwise-loving and caring relationship — and that makes your libido get smaller every time you face another let down.

You’ve been waiting for him to change — you’ve been giving him lots of hints, after all. But he just won’t. So giving up sex seems like a reasonable trade-off for a good relationship.

But make no mistake about it: a relationship in which you have to choose between caring love and satisfying sex will eventually implode.

This program will give you new ways to get your partner to see your needs and meet them. You will find that you no longer need to compromise. You will walk the path to strengthen your relationship and make sex work for you.

If you don’t want to continue to settle for bad sex while waiting for him to change, then this program is for you.

And you use these strategies to cope with your low libido

... but it keeps getting worse

You never initiate sex

(and it’s the source of recurring fights)

You might get into it if your partner initiates sex, but you secretly wonder why you never take action first. You know that the next confrontation is around the corner. What’s worse is that you question how long your partner will stick around. He is losing trust that you actually desire him.

The program will teach you how to want and initiate sex for you in a way that makes your partner feel desired. You will have the vocabulary to initiate it in various exciting ways too. If you don’t want to continue to be stuck in this gridlock that further pushes you away from each other, then this program is for you.

You have sex for him

(and secretly resent him for not appreciating your efforts)

You are such a giver, so much so that at first it made total sense to have sex just to satisfy his needs. You wanted to. But somehow it didn’t satisfy his needs. Worse, he is even more unhappy. Don’t you give enough already?

The thing is that you’re starving and whatever you do from a starving place will misfire and create more distance than connection. This program will show you how to let go of the patterns that have you over-give and learn to fill your cup. If you want to be surprised by what your partner is willing to do for you, then this program is for you.

Feed Your Libido is for women who are committed to their relationship.

To make your relationship an extraordinary one, you need to learn how to show up in a way that honors you and puts you in integrity with yourself.

Anything else is unsustainable. And deep down you know it.

Which is why this course is not a shortcut. There are no one-size-fits-all formulas or guaranteed results. No pills to take.

Neither is this a program where you secretly “fix yourself” and go back to your relationship as if nothing happened. That does not make an extraordinary relationship when you cannot address something so important with your partner.

Feed Your Libido is about:

  • ^Creating a sexual partnership where your needs for emotional safety matter as much as your partner’s needs for sex
  • ^Opening channels of communication where you can safely talk about your needs
  • ^Using your voice to build your sexual confidence and feel at ease in your body

Anything less will deepen the hurt and resentment that led you here in the first place. This has to stop now.

Feeding your libido in a long-term relationship requires enormous courage and persistence.

Most of all, it requires consistent action — doing something towards your goals every single day.

Don’t worry if that feels scary right now. This program has all the knowledge and the process to carefully guide you to prioritize yourself and connect in new ways, so that you and your partner can both reap the benefits of your investment.

“I used to have no desire whatsoever to have sex …

The work with Irene helped me realize I will never need to have sex if I didn’t want to. That opened up for me to identify my boundaries, take back sex as something that is for me and stop owing sex to my partner. I feel in control. Instead of putting up with sex, I feel grounded, confident and comfortable to be sexual with my man.”

Jennifer, 30

Feed Your Libido

The 5-Step Blueprint that Turns
Good & Great Relationships into Extraordinary Ones

Follow Along at Your Own Pace

Go through this empowering step-by-step process at your pace, in the privacy of your own home. With 50+ recordings to guide you, you no longer have to guess how to get your libido back.

Learn by Doing

Experience transformation in your own body — and your relationship — with tailored embodiment practices, worksheets and take-action challenges that get you to do things differently, not just talk about them.

Re-Engage Safely With Your Partner

Follow a safe process that helps you communicate what you need in respectful and effective ways that feel good to you and to your partner, while building trust and intimacy together.


Feel Safe & at Ease

You're not broken!

Women's sexuality is different than men's — and knowing the difference can save your libido (and your relationship).

  • Includes lessons on:
  • ^How to release your limiting beliefs and feel empowered knowing that there’s nothing wrong with you
  • ^The key elements that will make sex pleasurable for you
  • ^Which brakes and accelerators have you experience your body and sex differently
  • ^What conditions you need to feel safe in your environment and relationship
  • ^The cyclical nature of your body and how to go with it instead of against it

As a result of this module: You will feel a renewed sense of confidence in yourself and have the clarity about the things that will keep you calm, relaxed, and create paths for relief.


Listen to Your Body

You are in control of your body.

Understand how your body experiences pleasure to give it what it deserves.

  • In this module, you'll learn:
  • ^The 7 stages female sexual arousal and which is the most critical
  • ^What are the two special types of female orgasm
  • ^How to build sexual arousal and how to eventually fill your cup so you have energy to give yourself to another person in pleasure
  • ^How to fully surrender and allow yourself for more intense pleasure and arousal
  • ^The 10 ways to create optimal arousal for sex and pleasure with your partner
As a result of this module: You will have the vocabulary to describe what your body needs to build arousal and get turned on.

The Play Zone

Your body is a pleasure machine!

14 guided sensuality and sexuality practices to access your pleasure.

  • In this module, you'll learn:
  • ^How you can access the pleasure of things and beings through the magic of your hands
  • ^How to be present and to give yourself an undivided attention
  • ^How your voice is interconnected with your emotions, feelings and arousal
  • ^How to give your whole body an appreciation for its beauty and glory
  • ^BONUS: Discover the sexual self in you, what she’s like and what is her purpose in your life

As a result of this module: You’ll experience pleasure like never before and have the vocabulary to convey what feels good and what doesn’t to a partner.


Own Your Queen

A woman’s voice is inextricably linked to her sexuality and libido.

Commit to getting your needs met and feeding your libido & your relationship.

  • In this module, you'll learn:
  • ^What is desire and how do you own it
  • ^How to listen to your desire and how to trust that knowing
  • ^The most powerful ways to explore your desire
  • ^How is desire different from needs — and what they are for you
  • ^What are the barriers that block you from desiring and receiving — and how to break them to fully embrace the nourishment of receiving

As a result of this module: You will find your confidence to honor yourself and ask for what you need and want.


Experience the Magic of Deep Partnership

A sex life that’s exciting and nourishing for both of you requires you have to convey what you like, need and want.

Get over the shyness of communicating to learn about each other.

  • In this module, you'll learn:
  • ^How to have your partner onboard with you in the journey of pleasurable sex
  • ^What is the fail-proof communication formula that will help you express what you want and make your man want to give it to you
  • ^How to discover more about each other’s fears, wants and needs when it comes to sex
  • ^What are "Sexual Lingering Orgasmic" (SLO) practices and how they can take your libido through the roof
  • ^How to communicate pleasure, desires and your excitement — and what to absolutely avoid during sex

As a result of this module: You’ll engage in open and productive communication with your partner about intimacy, sex and most of all about meeting each other’s needs.

Unlimited personalized email support for first 3 months

You get your personal and important questions answered personally by Irene Fehr for first three months in the program. We'll figure this out, together!

Value: $2,500

Couples Touch Practices

Four-part training of SLO (Sensual Lingering Orgasmic) practices to do with your partner to build your desire for sex and intimacy.

Value: $1,600

Tips to Overcome the Most Common Sex Gridlocks in a Long-term Relationship

Step-by-step approaches to address six most common sex challenges couples face.

Value: $600

It has not been safe for you to use your voice to make sex & intimacy work for you … until now.

As a trauma-trained sex coach — and as a woman who went through losing my libido — I’ve created a deeply transformational process to help you connect to your libido in a safe space. A space where you can relax, open up and grow confidence in your body and yourself. A space where your sexual desire can blossom and come alive.

Imagine you are a flower held in a pair of safe hands.

Slowly unfolding.
At your pace.
Supported, nourished and fed.
Coming alive.

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How the Blueprint Transformed the Lives of These Women ...

Used with permission

"This course has firmly planted the seeds for my sexual transformation to unfold. I wish I had this class 15 years ago!

[I learned] to shift my view of what sex is into the reality that sex is a beautiful expansive spacious free flowing experience, one that holds a lot of freedom and pleasure ... [which] opened me up to what’s possible — and what’s possible is both enlivening and healing. This course has taught me to better understand my body, my sexual interests and needs ... in a deep fulfilling way. Everything before has been about the surface of sex ... not what truly nourishes us."

Kristyn, 30s

Married, Stay-at-home Mom, Colorado, USA

"I noticed changes in my pleasure within days & I am now acknowledging my desires within myself ...

From the moment I signed up for Irene’s course, my body shook with fear. I knew I needed to address this area of my life, for myself and for my partnership ... Yet, time and time again ... with each week of material, I inevitably left feeling empowered, hopeful, and informed. I am making enacting  my desires more of a priority, speaking up more during sex to direct touch towards my pleasure or to stop things when they hurt, having more frequent conversations about sex with friends and partner. I do feel more confident both during lovemaking and around trusting that I know what I need, learning to work with our sex life and trusting that my partner and I can evolve together and not be stuck."

Miriam, 38

Dance Instructor, Colorado, USA

[Today] not only do I voice my desires, I also ACT on them.

I started out as a shy, ashamed and angry girl. I had been taught to push all passion, desire and sexuality aside in pursuit of career success. I have awakened my sexual self … and ... built my confidence to exude femininity and use sexual energy in all aspects of my life. Consequently, I am always energised because my energy is feminine and abundant. I love myself and see myself as beautiful, joyful and happy... and this has caused me to become attractive to other people too! Wow! Now, I am confident dating men again.”

Pia, 30,

Brisbane, Australia

"I see myself completely differently. My love for myself (and realization that I matter) has grown tremendously.

I don’t feel numb anymore. I don’t hold back as much. I feel fully alive and vital and sexy. I feel powerful and magnetic. What I am most proud of is my openness to talk with my husband about things I was afraid to ask for before. My relationship is hotter, more fun, sexier, exciting."

Suzan Acker

Relationship Coach, Ottawa, Canada

"I have transformed from rigid to soft,

from closed off to open, and from insecure in my relationship to more confident and connected than ever."

Sarah, 30s

Marketing Director, Colorado, USA

"I am free to express
and embody all the shades of my femininity and sexuality."

Priyanka Yadvendu

Creative Artist, California, USA

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The Promise of the Program

Feed Your Libido will help you make your good and great relationship
extraordinary by teaching you to:

  • ^Understand your body and sexual desire and be able to listen and pay attention to what you need
  • ^Show up in sex from a full cup and with desire from within
  • ^Engage sexually with your man in a way that builds intimacy and closeness
  • ^Enjoy sex that is pleasurable for you, at your pace, and that honors your body

Get your roadmap to experience the power of the extraordinary.

What's Included in
Feed Your Libido

Guided Instruction

Five modules include manageable lessons, explorations and take-action challenges to help you continuously progress in your growth.

More than 50 Recordings

Instruction delivered via videos and audios, with accompanying charts, graphs and worksheets that make learning easier.

Gradual Ramp Up

The lessons and practices build on each other, increasing in depth and sophistication as you progress, so you never feel overwhelmed.

Email Guidance

Receive 1:1 support via email directly from Irene Fehr as you go through the program.

Take-Action Challenges

Put your learnings into practice every day with bite-size action challenges for every module. 

Partner Instruction

Tailored practices recorded for both you and your partner to help you facilitate difficult conversation around sex.


 Frequently Asked Questions

What if my partner is not on board with changing things?

I am so sorry that your partner is not on board. I wish he were, but consider this: you’d be short-changing yourself if you did not learn about what’s possible for you and your body.

This program will help you build the confidence and the courage — and the vocabulary — to convey what you need to your partner and invite them to support you.

The truth is, your partner is key to creating sex that works for both of you. 

Your partner needs to be part of the solution.

And it all starts by you being willing to take the lead — to seek out support and start learning how to take care of yourself.

You get to be the brave one to lead the process. You get to stand up for your needs and your relationship — and seek out the support you need to make it happen. 

So how does the FEED YOUR LIBIDO program help you overcome your partner resistance?

It’s by giving you: 

  • What you need for your libido to thrive
  • What you desire in physical pleasure and sex 
  • How to convey these to your partner
  • How to invite him to support you and give him the opportunity to be part of the solution
  • How to troubleshoot difficult situations when he does not want to change

This program has the power to shift things for both of you when you take the lead.

What is a "self learning" online sex and intimacy course?

This course presents everything you need to learn about your libido, understand what you need to feed it, learn about your body, and convey this to your partner.

It’s a life-changing course presented conveniently online so you can go at your pace. And you get to do it in the privacy of your home, which is important for many women in relationships. You sit at home or in your office, stand in the bedroom or bathroom, or lay naked across the kitchen table with your smart-phone in hand, while I present the course to you over video.

You will also get personalized email support from me for the first three months of the course. You can ask me anything about how to apply this material to your life.

How do I know this course is for me?

This course is for you if ...

  • You struggle with shame, feel like you are broken sexually or something is wrong with you and you can’t shake off these feelings for long.
  • Your “low libido” is still the source of arguments between you and your partner.
  • You are wishing and hoping sexual desire is more natural for you in a consistent way, not just when you go on vacation.
  • You are weighed down by the fear of your relationship ending because of “your problem."
  • You feel depleted and exhausted at the end of the day and wonder how can you ever do any more than you're already doing to change this.

This course is for you, if you’ve tried all of these with no success …

  • You've bought a book, read it on your own or together and saw some improvement, but two weeks later its arguments again.
  • You have a vacation and things look up, but you fall right back into old patterns when it’s your to-do list all the time, and you’re exhausted again with no prospects for change.
  • You find so many ideas online on how to make changes, feel a glimmer of hope, then you realize that you have no idea what to do first or how to do them.

And finally this course is for you, if you're looking for a proven blueprint to help you change your relationship to your own sexuality and feed your libido — so that you can finally desire to have sex.

What if I'm single and not having sex right now. How will this course help me?

The course is about YOU and your relationship with sex and pleasure. However, we'll be focusing on sex with a partner and the principles that I teach will help you when you enter into a relationship. When I talk about relationships, both single and coupled women are included. You can expect the course to prepare you for your next relationship, and also give you a way of knowing if someone you meet or are dating is ready and able to have the kind of sexual relationship that you desire. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Is this a good course for someone recovering from sexual trauma or abuse?
First, I am so sorry that you had to face this in your life. You deserve to heal and recover and enjoy yourself and your life. This course is NOT designed for healing sexual trauma or sexual abuse, and you will be better served by a specialized program targeted towards such goals. However, if you have already received extensive professional therapy or counseling for sexual, emotional and/or psychological trauma, PTSD, and/or sexual abuse, this course might help you move to the next stage. Please talk to me (by emailing me at support @ before enrolling into the course, so we can discuss and determine if this course is a good fit.
Does this course replace the need for private therapy or coaching?


This program is not a substitute for any form of medically prescribed or specified services (including psychotherapy, counseling, psychology services, therapy or analysis) or private coaching where each client's situation can be addressed personally. Taking this program should in no way be considered or construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy or coaching. If such services are needed, please seek qualified, licensed professionals or a certified coach, depending on your needs.

In no way will this program prescribe or provide health care, medical therapy services; nor does it diagnose, treat or cure any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body.

This program is educational in nature, designed to help you understand your libido and reach its expression in a way that fulfills you.

It looked like a libido problem, but what I really had was an integrity problem ...

Hi, I’m Irene Fehr, MA, CPCC, and before I became a sex coach, I had a deep dark secret. I lost my libido, didn’t want to have sex with my husband, and led myself to believe that it’s my problem to solve alone. 

I felt like something was wrong with me sexually as a woman — and I was still in my 20s. Was this to be my destiny? 

What I remember the most about that period is also how many lies I told myself.

Like the one about me not having enough willpower to get into sex. I kept hearing the same lines in my head — the kind that starts with “if only you” and “you should” — and pushed myself harder.

Fear made me do a lot of small things that didn’t make any difference, and I felt good about taking action all the way to the divorce day. 

Instead of consulting with a sex & intimacy expert who'd really understands my challenges, I turned to books and doctors who were not able to stand up for my truth. 

I was self-sabotaging, because I was turning to everyone but the people who could help me. 

While feeling good about taking action, nothing was actually shifting significantly or fast enough — and I was losing hope. My husband wasn’t changing and neither was I. 

I know how frustrating and alone you feel when you don’t want sex.  I know how it feels when you are trying to fool your body to have sex without being into it. It is painful — and not just physically.

Losing my marriage felt like the most devastating thing I had ever gone through.

But later now, I realized there was something else that was even more painful. The most devastating thing was that I lost myself in that marriage — my connection to myself, my truth, and my voice. Losing myself was the reason I lost my marriage. 

I fooled myself badly, thinking that giving up myself to please my husband was the way to have an extraordinary relationship (and keep it that way).

Deep inside, you know that you might be fooling yourself too.

If you realize this soon enough, you can change this. You can save yourself and your relationship by learning to feed yourself and your libido for you.

My divorce led me on a journey of many years to understand my libido, which then turned into a quest to understand everything about women’s sexuality and bring these solutions and truths to women and couples around the world. 

Because no woman should ever go through what I went through. As a sex and intimacy coach and educator, I am committed to walking alongside you on your personal journey as I share the information, exercises and tools to transform your sexual desire.

My Credentials

  • Certified Co-Active Coach from the prestigious Coaching Training Institute (CTI)
  • Gottman Attachment Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) informed couples coach
  • Somatic Experiencing® Advanced Practitioner-in-Training

Join me and hundreds of women around the world committed to themselves and their relationship. 

In service of you sexual pleasure and wellness,

As seen in

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My Promise to You …

I’ve created this online program and am constantly striving to keep it the most up-to-date and relevant training around women’s libido. I am committed to making this program a solution to your libido problem and supporting your goals by updating the lessons, adding new material and providing you support in your journey via emails or even personalized coaching (that can be purchased separately). Enroll in my course with confidence that support is always available.

For any support questions or for figuring out whether this course is a good match for you, contact
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